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Products Associated with the Waterbird Conservation for the Americas initiative

Waterbird Conservation for the Americas — The North American Waterbird Conservation Plan. Version 1
the overarching continental-scale framework for the conservation of waterbirds in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Version 1 focuses on colonial-nesting species and the northern portions of the Plan area.
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Wings Over Water — Canada’s Waterbird Conservation Plan.
Canadian partners selected to write a national plan, stepping down the continental plan to outline actions needed to conserve the broad array of seabirds, inland colonial waterbirds, marshbirds and other waterbirds in Canada.

Northern Prairie and Parkland Waterbird Conservation Plan
One of several regional plans to be created under the auspices of the continental plan. Prepared by U.S. and Canadian partners, provides an overview of the status and current knowledge of waterbirds and waterbird habitat in the region and an outline of strategies and priorities for monitoring, research, and management.

In Preparation:Other regional waterbird conservation plans
See Regional Conservation pages.

North American Conservation Status Assessment for Waterbirds
Details the methods and results of the North American Waterbird Conservation Plan’s conservation status protocol.

The following are issue papers written to assist managers of waterbird species and habitats.
Please Note: Issue reports will be periodically updated; please check dates.